Melissa Merlo

Melissa Merlo



I’m proud of my commitment to social justice and my volunteer efforts within my community. I’m also proud of my Undergraduate degree in psychology and anthropology which has allowed me to better understand people holistically.

About Coach

As a young girl I always struggled with self image and the body I was living in. I did grow up in an environment that nurtured physical movement and mindful nutrition habits. I struggled with my weight for most of my life and felt very overwhelmed with just the idea of stepping foot into a gym. My fitness journey started with mindless hours of low intensity cardio to lose weight over the years I have focused on building strength and achieved my lifestyle goals through intentional, safe, and coordinated movement of the body.

Turning Point

My turning point happened in my mid twenties when I reached 200lbs after years of binge drinking and chronic stress eating. I decided to commit to a month of a “diet” and a gym membership. My unhealthy coping mechanisms quickly became apparent and I developed a very extreme all or nothing mentality with my health. After years of the mental toxicity I did some mental health work around moderation and was able to accept that the way my body looked was not the designator of my worth.

Motivation & Passion

My goal in coaching is to help women navigate through the layers of body image issues we are taught in our society, consciously and subconsciously. Ideally through Recognizing the strength we carry when we stop trying to shrink our bodies and ourselves to fit an unrealistic standard and learn to love the bodies we live in for everything it is able to do for us.

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