The Fit 60 Experience

according to

the american heart association®

The American Heart Association® generally recommends a target heart rate of: Moderate exercise intensity. For best weight-loss results, scientists recommend hitting 50% to about 70% of your maximum heart rate during training sessions.

optimal heart rate zone

target heart rate for weight loss

We'd love to answer a few questions...

Each class at The FIT 60 is 50-60 min in length. There will be a warm up. Workout explanation and movement demo.

You do not have to bring a heart rate monitor. We do encourage that you purchase one compatible to our system to better track your workout performance.

No experience necessary.

Your first class will be a great experience! As soon as you come through the door you will be greeted by a front desk staff who will introduce you to the instructor. The instructor will then explain in detail the how the class will be ran from warm up to cool down at the end ensuring you had a challenging but great time.

Yes! Every one is allowed one free session.

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The FIT 60 is a Functional Interval Training is a work-to-rest training program. All fitness levels are welcome and can jump right into a class environment.

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