FIT 60 Partnership

The Workout

Sample workout of FIT60 Strength Day. On these days there will be focused strength session before moving on the conditioning workout.

FIT60 Strength

7 Min Ladders
2,4,6... (increase until 7 min is up)
-Weighted Squats
-Rower Dips

1 Min Rest

2,4,6... (increase until 7 min is up)
-Cross Body Raises (2 is 1)
-Skull Crushers

FIT60 Move

6 Min AMRAP x3
-Run 12 Cal
-x8 Thrusters
-Ski 16 Cal
-x8 Devils Press
-x8 Alt Push Up/Tricep Push Up

::One min rest between rounds::
::Pick up where you left off::

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